The coolest barbecue in the world makes healthy and flavorful foods fast

The coolest barbecue in the world makes healthy and flavorful foods fast

You won't believe how cool this cooks!

1. Remove the steamer pans from the grill and add enoughwater so that the ends of the tubes (see the holes in the inside at the bottom of the reservoir) are covered and the tubes are full of water all the time during your grilling. If the water boils down, add more fresh water to keep them filled. When the water gets too low (not enough to fill the tubes) the tubes will get too hot and then the magic disappears! We don't want that.

Add water to the side pans

2. Brush some oil on the grill it doesn't take much and you can add more as needed. Brush the tubes with oil as often as needed

Brush the tubes with oil as often as needed

3. Place the HydroGrill over the fire. The fire is hot enough when you can only hold your hand over the grill for a count of two to four seconds. Another test for temperature is to watch the bubbles exiting the tubes as the water boils, there is a nice point between the first sign of bubbles and a huge rolling boil that is just right, you will find it.

Place grill over your barbecue

There's Magic in the Water!

Keep cool with a barbecue grill that never requires scrubbing

HydroGrill allows you to grill your favorite foods without sticking or charring. The patented HydroGrill's secret? Instead of metal rods that heat up to the same temperature as the fire beneath them, HydroGrill uses water-filled stainless steel tubes.

HydroGrill even fits in dishwashers for quick cleanupThis versatile grill works over wood, gas, or charcoal fires but since the metal surface never heats above 212º Fahrenheit (100C), delicate foods like skinned fish, vegetables-- even tofu-- can be cooked without sticking. Pans of vegetables can be steamed, potatoes boiled, alongside grilling fish or meat.

And because the metal stays relatively cool, the grill never gets gunked up with charred shreds of what should have been part of your dinner.