Use HydroGrill for healthy barbecue cooking. The coolest barbecue in the world makes healthy and flavorful foods fast

Use HydroGrill for healthy barbecue cooking. Keep cool with a barbecue grill that never requires scrubbing

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The no-stick, no-char way to sear in flavor

 Fits almost any standard barbeque
        Even works on a campfire.
 As the fire cooks, the grill never exceeds 212°F (100C)
        Food doesn't stick to the grill!
 You can steam or boil other foods in side reservoirs
        Cook the whole meal on your HydroGrill
 Cool metal means no more burned food
        Imagine a healthy barbecued meal!
 You can barbecue foods too delicate for ordinary grills
        Skinless filets of fish, vegetables, even tofu!
Use HydroGrill for healthy barbecue cooking. It's patented water tubes keep stay at 212°F letting fire sear taste into your food without sticking. It's the coolest barbecue in the world!
Delicate morsels, from fish to tofu, no longer fall apart or stick to the grilling surface. No more leaving behind chunks of burned chicken or unrecognizeable ribs. The HydroGrill minimizes vitamin loss, maximizes flavor, and reduces carcinogenic charring. Plus, it's a breeze to clean-- just put it in the dishwasher. A better way to cook with fire!

Never exceeds the boiling temperature of water!

Great for camping, backyard cooking, and restaurants. Oh, why be modest! It's the greatest cooking innovation since man first dragged a mammoth haunch out of the cave (where his wife had been marinating it in garlic and Cabernet) and threw it onto his bonfire.